Nov 12, 2013 1:23 PM by John Overall

Tucson Teacher uses NFL in anti-bullying lessons

TUCSON - Jim Sye, a 7th grade language arts teacher at La Paloma Academy likes to pull assignments from the top stories of the day.

The latest assignment for his class was to write a letter to a big man dealing with a big problem.

That man is Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins. Martin left the team because he says his teammate, Richie Incognito, bullied him. James Sye says many of his students follow football closely so he used the big story to teach his kids a life lesson.

The class is working on a unit called Express Yourself. The kids learn how to properly format and write poems, essays, and letters.

Sye had all the kids write a friendly letter to Martin.

"We always talk about bullying and then we never expect it to happen to adults but it really does happen. It happens everyday not just football players but to everybody. So I thought it was a good way to tie in the lessons with real world situations and I know a lot of these kids can relate," said Sye.

The letters are stamped and ready to be mailed to the Miami Dolphins.


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