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Aug 7, 2013 6:37 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Tucson teen gets a visit from heavy hitters

VAIL - There's an 8th grader in Vail who has a lot more than school on his plate.

Levi Fallavollita is writing his third book. He has a column in Bear Essential News and he's helping create school curriculum that can help kids, teachers and parents cope with bullying.

His efforts won the attention of the Arizona Attorney General's office recently. They sent a representative to meet with him at his home and Kristi's Kids was there.

"We really want to promote and acknowledge Levi for the work he's doing," says Kathleen Winn with Attorney General's Office.

Kathleen and the Attorney General have asked Levi to write a monthly column in Bear Essential News called "Bully Breakers."

JoAnne Crissey, a mental heath counseling consultant was also at the meeting. She is seeking Levi's help with creating anti-bullying curriculum. They envision this, in schools and libraries, nationwide.

"To bring this issue to the forefront and to go ahead and empower, and have information from a youth standpoint, will be incredible," says Crissey. "A powerful tool for a lot of people."

Kristi's Kids took notice of Levi when he wrote his first book "Why a Boy Should Marry his Dog." Proceeds went to local animal shelters.

After experiencing the impact of bullying firsthand, Levi wrote a second book "The Good, the Bad and the Bullies."

Now, he's writing "Be Courageous" which is a collection of stories from bullying victims, 9 to 73 years old.

"If you are getting bullied you need to tell your friends, adults, teachers... let people know it's going on," explains Levi. "And then, if you're a bystander, you don't wanna just let it go cuz it gets more serious. So you wanna tell someone and try to stand up for that person who's getting bullied."

And, he says, kids need to think.

"If it's like, ‘oh he took my eraser' or something like that. It's different than, like, someone's getting pushed or shoved."

Levi's logic has resonated with so many that the Pima County Board of Supervisors proclaimed August 20th, 2012"Anti-Bullying Day." He sees racial intolerance, jealousy, manipulation and isolation among kids and he wants it to stop.

Levi wants to be a writer and a motivational speaker someday.

Look for his first "Bully Breakers" column in this month's Bear Essential News.

Kristi's Kids will keep you posted on the progress of the curriculum Levi is working on.


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