May 10, 2014 12:37 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson woman hopes to have fiance's child after losing him to cancer

TUCSON - A Southern Arizona woman is hoping to become a new mother through in vitro fertilization despite losing her fiancé to cancer more than two years ago.

Danialle Cavanaugh desperately wants to make good on a promise she made to her fiancé Oscar in his final moments - to have their child. He was a victim of testicular cancer and they took steps to collect samples from Oscar to ensure an important piece of the future they hoped to share together.

Danialle and Oscar were high school sweethearts and engaged to be married. Danialle continues to wear his engagement ring laced around a necklace - certain to keep him close to her heart.

"It's kind of a dream to have his kid," Danialle told News 4 Tucson.

She's already had three failed attempts at in vitro fertilization and this is her last chance. Understanding the financial burden it can be, Danialle's family and friends set up a fundraiser account on GoFundMe.com - to raise funds for the procedure. So far the account has raised more than $2,000 in just eight days.

For Danialle, it's her last chance at bringing new life to Oscar's memory.

"It was the last thing I told him I would do," Danialle said, wiping away tears. "It's just really important.

Danialle's family and friends are hosting another fundraiser on Saturday May 10th at 630 N. Craycroft from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with 100 percent of those proceeds to benefit her cause. You can also access the fundraisers via the following links:




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