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Sep 21, 2010 7:28 PM

Tucson woman looking for life-changing experience on The Biggest Loser

TUCSON - Biggest Loser kicks off Tuesday and be on the lookout because two Southern Arizona women will be featured this season.

Weight has been an issue for Jessica Delfs as far back as grade school.

"I don't think she was happy with the way that she was with her body and I think the unhappiness goes back at least that far," said her father Red Delfs.

Her mother recalls when her weight spiraled out of control.

"The weight really came on in college right after she was accepted into college. I think she gained about 80 or 90 pounds in one year," said Octavia Delfs.

She has tried dieting and working out, but Jessica, as well as her family, believes she needs the resources offered by Biggest Loser for success.

This was her third time trying out for the show and if she had not made it for Season 10 she was going to give up.

"We use to just sit and watch Biggest Loser and I think she could see the results that were happening for the people on the show and I think she wanted to be a part of that," said Red.

Now she gets that chance and her family is equally excited.

"Your heart just is just so happy for her and we already know her dreams and we can see them play out and it's so cool to see that," said Octavia.

Her family does have reservations about watching Jessica on the show.

"How are you going to react when you see someone screaming at your daughter two inches away from their face? It's like I wish I could be there right now," said Red.

Regardless of what she has to go through they are excited to see her transformation.

"I honestly, honestly think that she is a winner right now, she has all the tools she needs to make this happen I think it's only going to get better," said Red.


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