Jul 5, 2013 4:46 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Tucsonans celebrate "A" Mountain fireworks

TUCSON - People found all sorts of ways to celebrate Independence Day near A Mountain this July 4th.

Sam Olivas was one of the first people to set up in the parking lot at El Rio Health Center on Congress Street.

"We try to get a good spot to try to eat before," he said. "Can't really say enjoying the weather because it's 100-plus, but it's all right. It's bearable."

Eddie Jones took his T-bucket car to a show in the Tucson Convention Center lot. He said the night is about more than pyrotechnics.

"It's more like the whole event," he said. "The experience, the cars, the people, the music that's up on the hill, and then culminated by the fireworks."

Fred Fleming had about 20 guests at his house at the south end of Sentinel Peak, making it one of his favorite holidays.

"It's probably right next to Thanksgiving," he said. "It's great. You can actually feel the concussion of the fireworks too when they go off."


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