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Sep 7, 2013 8:45 PM by Samantha Ptashkin

Tucsonans protest possible military strike on Syria

TUCSON- Members of the House and Senate will take up President Obama's request to authorize a military strike in Syria this week and the President is facing skepticism from both parties, as well as people right here in Tucson.

Derechos Humanos organized a protest Saturday afternoon at Speedway and Swan. "It's absolutely outrageous what they're talking about doing now," says Protester Susan Thorpe.

They know the violence won't stop with a snap of a finger, so they're calling on President Obama and other world leaders to work harder. "With some patience and some determination, we can solve it," says Protester Chuck Kauffman. "These things take a long time to solve, but they're not solved by increasing the violence."

The protesters say the situation reminds them of the US involvement in Iraq, something Dr. Leila Hudson, Associate Professor at the UA College of Middle Eastern and North African Studies, understands. "Americans have been burned," Hudson says. "Everything about the Iraq War was not as advertised and proved to be a very destructive decade."

But at the same time, Dr. Hudson says a military strike on Syrica could help. "A military strike would have provided material support to the Syrian opposition that is fighting against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad," Dr. Hudson says.

Dr. Hudson says since there has already been so much opposition to the strike by Americans and other countries, it most likely won't happen.


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