May 8, 2013 3:35 AM by Sean Mooney

TUSD Board moves forward with job cuts

TUCSON - The TUSD Governing Board faced some tough decisions at Tuesday's board meeting.

The panel split over proposed job cuts with nearly 170 jobs on the chopping block. When the night was over the board voted 3-2 to move forward with eliminating all of the positions on the list.

The jobs include both blue and white collar positions including teachers, librarians counselors, custodians and maintenance workers.

It's the final step in closing what was a projected $17-million dollar deficit next year.

So many people came to the meeting that many watched the proceedings from an overflow area in the lobby of TUSD headquarters. Most who attended came with one goal in mind, convince the board not to take their jobs.

Those who have received Reduction In Force notifications, like TUSD teacher, Cathy Paredes, are feeling a great deal of anxiety over what lies ahead for them, "The uncertainty of whether you will be employed again, where you will be employed, will you have to start over again", said Paredes, "so there is a lot that goes into getting that slip that says we don't need you next year."

AFSCME Union reps from local #449 say 82 custodian and 18 maintenance positions may be eliminated. TUSD Engineer, Jesus Ybarra says reducing an already meager custodian staff will effect the condition of the district's schools, "You see the front of the building, you see the teachers, you see the students. but you don't see the children sweating unless it makes the news", Ybarra said, "you don't see the the buildings falling apart, you don't see the windows broken out, you don't see any of that until something happens."

The board also received an update on the ninth grade "Culturally Relevant" course, that was to be implemented next fall at three high schools. TUSD staff recommended, after reevaluation, the ninth grade course and the other 10 courses being designed, be delayed until further review by the TUSD Board and the public.


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