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Jul 31, 2012 9:38 PM

TUSD schools still needing supplies, two days before classes begin

TUCSON - We are two days away from the start of school. Thousands of students in the Tucson Unified School District still don't have the supplies they'll need.

"We'll see how it goes and what the kids bring in... And then, I often ask the parents for help, if need be... And then from there, I'll go to the store," says Katy Czopek, a fifth grade teacher at Lyons Elementary.

There's never a year no matter what's donated Ms. Czopek doesn't dig into her own pockets.

"In fact, I've already bought some pencils. And I was watching the ads for the folders."

Last year, your donations got her through the first semester at Lyons Elementary. Looking at the inventory now, she tells Kristi's Kids she has not one pencil and she's out of gluesticks.

Czopek spends $200-$300 of her own money every year. Because of budget cuts and struggling families, the lack of supplies has literally changed the way our teachers teach.

"You may have a specific way you like to do it and it's worked in the past. But because you don't have everything you need, you've gotta make accommodations."

One thing that can't be changed? The critical need for pencils.

"We go through packs and packs of pencils a week. We have 25 kids in a classroom and they're using them all day long."

The wish list is long: journals, three-ring binders, crayons and markers, construction paper and glue sticks.

And don't forget backpacks, flash drives and dry erase markers

This Friday the sorting begins at the Tucson Association of Realtors office on Tucson Blvd. Kristi Tedesco will be there live in case you want to donate in person.

A reminder you can find everything you need to help out the News 4 Tucson Kristi's Kids School Supplies Drive by clicking here.


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