Jul 19, 2014 12:42 AM by Matt Fernandez

Two Arizona ranchers invite Nancy Pelosi to see dangers along the border

COCHISE COUNTY - Two Arizona ranchers have invited House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to their ranches along the border.

"I want to invite Nancy Pelosi down, she went to Texas to see the kids, so come here and see where the dope and the bad guys are coming through the border," said rancher John Ladd.

A video of ranchers John Ladd and Fred Davis on the internet has more than 90,000 views. News 4 Tucson visited both their ranches.

Ladd's ranch sits outside of Bisbee right near the border fence. He is a 4th generation rancher.

Ladd says human and drug smugglers constantly go through his property and the border fence is not doing anything.

Rancher Fred Davis's ranch is about 15 miles outside of Tombstone. He says he also sees undocumented migrants go through his property. Davis says he sees a need for more boots on the ground.

The ranchers say they haven't heard from Pelosi yet.


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