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Jul 15, 2013 9:16 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Two near drownings in three days

TUCSON - In 72 hours, two little boys nearly drowned in Pima County. That makes for 11 child water related accidents this swim season. In one of those, a child died earlier in the year.

"Anytime we have a kid call it's always the worst ones we ever want to deal with."
Mike Leslie is a firefighter/paramedic with Golder Ranch Fire District. The call came in at about 5pm on Saturday.

"When we got to the call, the mother was standing there along the roadway with her child in her arms."

The 3-year-old boy was in a backyard pool in Oro Valley.

"The kid was under water for approximately two minutes," Leslie explains. "Grandmother pulled the child out of the pool and she started CPR for 1 minute and that CPR is probably what saved this kid."

And then on Monday morning, Tucson Fire Department responded to their second near-drowning in 11 days.

"The child was found in an above ground pool," says Capt. Barrett Baker. "They were taken out of the pool and CPR was performed on scene while we were en route. We got on scene, were really there for three minutes and transported the child to the hospital as quickly as possible for some definitive medical care."

Not only on these near drownings scary for the families, they're the hardest calls for first responders.

"Most of us have family of our own," says Golder Ranch Fire District Battalion Chief Will Seeley. "We have children and we automatically put ourselves in that position. Just thinking about what if this was my family. What if this was my child? How I would react to that?"


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