Jul 3, 2014 12:19 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Two separate 'use of force' incidents by Sgt. Joel Mann being reviewed

TUCSON - New details and video of a college student, being shoved into a metal bench by a Tucson Police Officer are being released.

For the first time helmet video from the Sergeant in question was provided by the Tucson Police Department. It happened during the March 29 melee on University Boulevard.

Sergeant Joel Mann's alleged use of force against two more people is also being reviewed.

According to TPD the video was captured by Sergeant Mann while dressed in riot gear with a 'body worn camera' attached to his helmet.

A nine person Board of Inquiry comprised of law enforcement and attorneys determined, "Sergeant Mann's use of force on three individuals during two separate incidents was inappropriate."

The board says Sergeant Mann's encounter with the first two people happened when he left his assignment as the supervisor of the arrest team, to assist on the skirmish line. The alleged use of force against Christina Gardilcic happened eight minutes later.

It appears Sergeant Mann's face shield or helmet was pushed slightly upwards, but the camera still catches a clear view of the woman being shoved.

Cell phone video captured by bystanders was instantly uploaded to social media sites. Consequently Sergeant Mann's actions are being reviewed by the FBI, DPS and police department. Those investigations are ongoing.

In a memo included with the board's findings, Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor said, "it needs to be emphasized that the snippets of video shown on social and news media coverage do not give the full story of what occurred, and are actually contradictory to the restraint and professionalism displayed by the officers deployed that night."

Chief Villaseñor is requesting a planning committee be formed and a progress report be completed by August 15th. The committee's goal is to gather suggestions, and identify funding sources for training and equipment costs if needed.


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