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Jul 8, 2013 10:48 PM by Lupita Murillo

UA assistant fired after lewd conduct with high school students

TUCSON - A well-respected honors program for high school students at the University of Arizona is getting a questionable grade from some parents.

It's the Summer of Excellence Program open to high students. It's a month long program where students experience college life, they stay in the dorms, and they also get credit.

A nine page report from the University of Arizona Police Department details inappropriate behavior from one of the program assistants. One parent who asked not to be identified told News 4 Tucson, "My child told me that he was making very inappropriate comments. He told her " They couldn't do drugs or drink but they could have all the sex they wanted."

She wants it known this man's behavior was reported to the Director of the program at the beginning of June . "He's an adult, he is there as a mentor he is there to be responsible he's there to help guide them not in this way."

On June 29 UA PD was called to the Coconino Hall. The report shows one of the program assistants was possibly "hosting extreme truth or dare sessions involving possible nudity with under age students in the halls basement."
Sgt. Filibert Barrera, says the officers were told, the door to the room was blocked to keep people from coming in. The students also told officers some took an oath of secrecy.

The report says one female student told the officer "she stopped attending the party because (name redacted) made her uncomfortable." Another female student reported, "she did not make out with (name redacted) but that he had kissed her on the mouth."

Police interviewed numerous students, the program assistant declined. Police were told he was terminated and to escort him out of the dorm.
So why wasn't he arrested? Why weren't there any charges filed in this case? Sgt. Barrera says, "With the facts and circumstances and also talking with the parents they decided not to move forward in the case. They decided it would be handled administratively."

The parent we spoke with is outraged, "The whole reason of a phone call early on was to prevent any children from becoming victims from someone like him. "
A letter was sent to parents telling them the program assistant is no longer associated with the program.
The police report was forwarded to the Dean of Students.

Patricia MacCorguodale is the Dean of the Honors College who runs the program she tells News 4 Tucson,"she welcomes the opportunity to speak with any parents who have questions or concerns about the program. She can be contacted at 520 621-2948 or by email
The parent we spoke with says she has already spoken to the Dean.


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