Oct 17, 2013 12:06 AM by Rebecca Taylor

UA Law School hacked, student information targeted

TUCSON - A computer hacker has hit the University of Arizona. Nine thousand people with ties to the College of Law may have had their information breached.

This effects former students and law school applicants. The hacker got hold of old class rosters filled with personal information.

Law student Ben Heller says, "I don't know, it's surprising that it happened, I wouldn't have expected that information to get out."

"I'm more surprised that they chose UA law school as the victim," says student Adrian Saenz, "I don't know what their reasoning was for it."

Over the summer a hacker broke into the hosting server of the college of law public website, accessing the names and social security numbers of 9,080 people.

Communications adviser Chris Sigurdson says, "UA took the server off line immediately, removed the information basically wiped it all clear and notified the police and FBI."

Officials believe those effected either attended, or applied to the school prior to 2008. A letter notifying them has been sent out.

Heller says, " I couldn't be more glad that I'm not affected."

"Maybe it will give us reason to boost up security now," says Saenz.

That's exactly what the university did. Plus, the university no longer uses social security numbers as personal ID's.

"If you're using some of the usernames and passwords from long ago, we just advise you to stop because now people could have that combination," Sigurdson says," It's just good practice these days to mix it up."

To help those affected the university has bought a year's worth of credit monitoring.

They've also set up an hotline if people have additional questions 877-522-7970.


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