Apr 2, 2014 1:27 AM by Lupita Murillo

UA student arrested speaks out

TUCSON- A University of Arizona freshman who was arrested last Saturday night after the Wildcats' loss to Wisconsin speaks out.

Tim Decker was one of 15 people who was cited and released. Most of those arrested were U of A students.

Decker tells News 4 Tucson, one minute a Tucson Police officer is telling him to move, and then, "The next thing I know he took out his night stick and I was hit in the face. Then I was grabbed by two cops and then more cops jumped in and I was being hit by cops."

Decker was charged with unlawful assembly. "I never heard them give an order to disperse. I know they say they say they gave an order to disperse but no one heard it."

He said he had watched the game at his dorm and he and a group of friends headed to Main Gate Square to check out the action and show their support for the Wildcats. He said it was like one big tailgate, "We were showing the pride like we still love our school even though we lost telling the players good job."

Then he says everything went bad when the cops showed up, and students started throwing items at the officers. "The cops were instigators of it, the students were instigators of it."

The 15 arrested still have to appear in court. That date has been set for April 9th.


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