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Nov 23, 2013 12:38 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

UA students will brave the rain and cold for last home football game

TUCSON- Across the Old Pueblo Friday it looked like the monsoon had returned, minus a few degrees.

"It's really cold, I feel at home, it's a fantastic day to be doing nothing because it's freezing," says UA Senior Matthew Konen, who is originally from England.

Non-stop rain throughout the day made for slick roads across the city and the wet weather caught some students by surprise. "I'm not used to it being from California," UA Freshman Stephanie Shi says. "I was expecting dry weather here."

Around Main Gate Square Friday night, students were bundling up. "I'm wearing a scarf, leather jacket, jeans, boots, fuzzy socks, long underwear," UA Freshman Kylie Christiansen says. "I wish I brought my mittens."

While some say they can't stand the cold, it does get them into the holiday spirit. "I love the cold weather when it's around this time and people are all bundled up, oh I love it!" Konen says.

The cold and wet weather won't be stopping students from attending the football game against Oregon on Saturday afternoon. "I'm going to go tomorrow and I'm going to bring an umbrella and a poncho," Christiansen says.

"It's our last home game of the season, how could you not go?" Shi says.

But a wet Arizona Stadium isn't for everyone. "Absolutely not, I will be staying clear of it, sipping a cup of tea indoors," Konen says. "But "Bear Down" and all that!"

Arizona vs. #5 Oregon
Saturday, Nov. 23

Wildcat Walk: 11:30 a.m.
Gates Open: 12 p.m.
Kickoff: 1:30 p.m.

Due to the heavy rain, tailgating procedures have been modified. Reserved tent tailgates will be allowed, but vehicles will not have access to those areas. Tailgate pass holders have been sent an e-mail with alternative parking options.


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