Mar 28, 2014 10:58 PM by Nathan O'Neal

University businesses prep for 'Elite 8' weekend, crowds

TUCSON - University businesses are prepping for large crowds as the UA Wildcats head to the 'Elite 8.'

"Last night it was intense. The bar was so busy there was almost no walking space," said Clinton Barnes, a bartender at the Auld Dubliner.

Crowds for this weekend are expected get even bigger and bars and restaurants are getting ready for it through stocking up on alcohol and food.

At Gentle Ben's, they're also feeling the side effects of a nationwide shortage of limes but say they are prepared.

"The price has really increased a lot and so that is something that we're dealing with. We definitely use a lot of limes here at the bar... So it's definitely something we notice," said Lara Mossberg, a manager at Gentle Ben's.

Mossberg told News 4 Tucson they are also prepping staff about how to deal with a potentially rowdy crowd.

"By making sure we're getting people in cabs, safe rides... some people throw people right on the streets and that's where a lot of problems result," she said.

Meanwhile over at the Auld Dubliner, they expect that as the Cat's success marches on, an 'Elite 8' appearance will bring out a lot of business.

"More than what we saw yesterday. It should be very, very busy and it's going to get busier if they keep winning," Barnes said.


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