Jan 26, 2014 12:42 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Unsung Tucson Police heroes honored

TUCSON - The Tucson Police Foundation held its Unsung Heroes Celebration Banquet at Loew's Ventana Canyon Resort Saturday.

Six people who work in the department, including 1 volunteer, were honored at the ceremony.

Detective Ericka Stropka helped an 92-year-old man man who investigators believe lost $3.3 million to a woman taking advantage of him.

Donna Iman, 47, is in the Pima County Jail charged with Fraudulent Schemes and Theft.

"When I found out he was going to be spending time with her during the holiday, I'm like, ‘No.' He doesn't have any family. ‘You're going to spend the holidays with me and my family."

Stropka goes to church with the man.

"He has become a part of our family," she said. "We love him very much. He's a tremendous wonderful person."

She is a detective in the Vulnerable Adult Abuse unit.

"If you see something, hear something, you have to, a lot of times, be that voice for the person who can't defend themselves anymore," Stropka said.

She removed herself from the Iman case, because she was so close the man involved and felt it was a conflict of interest. She said Detective Nichole Greene did all of the hard work.

"My story is nothing. I think it's pale in comparison to all the other recipients," Stropka said. "Not just the people who are being recognized tonight, but all the members of the Tucson Police Department."


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