Jun 25, 2013 9:01 PM by Robby Messer

UPDATE: Tucson Fire responds to salvage yard fire

TUCSON - Tucson Fire crews battled a fire at an auto salvage business Tuesday afternoon.

The fire started in the 700 block of East 36th Street after a car backfired and caught grass on fire underneath the vehicle. Tucson Fire tells News 4 workers had just put a new engine in a car and started the engine when the car backfired and caught the grass on fire. The workers tried to put the fire out with an extinguisher and thought it was out but high winds caused the fire to spread.

The workers from the business called 911 and reported several vehicles on fire.

Crews had to force open a fence around the property on the west side of the yard to determine what was burning and where in the yard.

Crews put out the fire and then started putting out the approximately 6-10 cars on fire. The crews were able to confine the fire and protect the rest of the yard, which consisted of several hundred cars.

It took firefighters 15 minutes to put out the fire.

No one was hurt.


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