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Sep 25, 2013 9:25 PM by Sean Mooney

Vandalism to cars rocks Sierra Vista

TUCSON - Over the last three weeks, dozens of residents across Sierra Vista have awoken to find their vehicles broken into with smashed windows and slashed tires.

So far, Sierra Vista Police say they've received a total of 67 reports of vandalism to vehicles

At this point the the incidents appear to be thrill crimes. Sgt. Brett Mitchell, from the Sierra Vista Police Department, says the suspect, or suspects, strike and then flee the scene, "There is nothing that is reported stolen out of the vehicles, it seems like the damage is being done to the vehicles and then the perpetrator is immediately leaving the area."

No particular area has been targeted, the 67 reports of damage coming from throughout the city over the last three weeks. And it appears whoever is committing the crimes is getting more brazen, with twenty four incidents being reported since early Tuesday morning.

Sabrina Gouchie, who's neighborhood has already been hit, says that destroying someone's hard earned property makes no sense, "We're trying to survive and pay bills and do what we have to do and to have someone destroying our property, it's not right, it's sad."

Two local businesses in Sierra Vista have teamed up and are offering a thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

Sierra Vista police are asking anyone with information about these crimes to call 520-452-7500.


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