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May 28, 2013 2:24 AM by Lupita Murillo

Victim's son speaks out about his father's unsolved murder

TUCSON - A new set of eyes is now on a case that's been cold for nearly 20 years.

Avid bird watcher John Ream Sr. was murdered on December 20, 1994.

When he didn't show up to drive his wife home from work, she and her son John Jr. went to the Marsh Station Trestle where he'd told them he was going. They found him dead.

His son, a nurse, says he felt helpless because he couldn't save his father. Ream Jr. says he wants to know how long his father suffered.

Cold Case Detective Mark O'Dell says, "They actually found Mr. Ream died from a possible gunshot wound."

Ream says, his father, a Green Beret "Had survived two years in Vietnam in combat situations. Only to come home and somebody shoot him."

The autopsy report showed Ream was shot from a distance.

He still had his hat, binoculars and wallet, and his car was found, so detectives ruled out robbery.

"It is possible that it an accidental shooting. Knowing that the target shooting area was located nearby. The person who fired the shot may not even know that Mr. Ream had died," Detective O'dell said.

Ream has his own theory, he says that area is also known for smuggling. He says when his father was shot he was looking through his binoculars.

"He saw something and somebody said it's better to take this man out than have him see what's going on. That's always been my belief," he tells News 4.

A statement by a railroad employee who was on the train stated "We were about half a block away and I saw a guy running away from the tracks."

The train engineer and the employee told detectives they heard a gunshot.

"They were able to inspect the train and did find an impact site from a bullet," Det. O'dell said.

For John Ream Jr., he just wants answers.

"The sad parts are that I have three wonderful children and they never got to meet their grandfather, and that hurts," he says.

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