Feb 14, 2013 5:18 PM by Karlisa Galarza

VIDEO: SeaWorld killer whale gives birth

SAN DIEGO,CALIFORNIA - SeaWorld San Diego welcomed a new member to the Shamu Stadium this morning at 6:33 a.m. as Kasatka gave birth to a baby killer whale.

The calf is estimated to weigh between 300 and 350 pounds, and measured 6 to 7 feet. The gender of the calf is not yet known. The mother, Kasatka, and the baby killer whale are being closely watched under the eyes of SeaWorld's zoological team.

"The mother and baby appear to be doing very well and our initial observations indicate this is a strong healthy calf," said Mike Scarpuzzi, vice president of zoological operations.

This is Kasatka's fourth calf and sixth successful killer whale birth at SeaWorld San Diego.

"We're very excited about the birth of this calf," said Scarpuzzi.


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