Apr 11, 2014 1:07 PM

Video shows clash between rancher and BLM officers

MESQUITE, NV- A clash between Bureau of Land Management officers and the passionate supporters of "free-grazing rancher" Cliven Bundy has been caught on camera.

A cell phone video provided to News 3 by Dennis Sharkey shows a woman jump in front of a truck and get dragged to the ground by a federal officer. Afterwards, an ATV driven by Ammon Bundy collides with another truck. Seconds later, the rider kicks a police dog then takes a hit from an officer's Taser.

Ammon is the son of Cliven Bundy, the rancher at the center of this battle over cattle northeast of Las Vegas. The BLM says Bundy's cows
are loitering on federal land and that he has not paid the required grazing fee for 20 years.

Bundy says he believes the land is not federal land, but county land. In a town hall meeting Wednesday, Bundy said the battle is bigger than cows. He says it's about rights.

"We got radical on both sides," Bundy said. "People could make mistakes. People could die."

The bureau of land management issued a statement about what happened in that video, saying protestors would not allow the employee in the BLM truck to leave. They say when law enforcement tried helping him, protestors assaulted the officers.

The BLM says after several verbal warnings, law enforcement had to use the Taser.


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