Mar 29, 2013 7:46 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Video shows Giffords' husband buying gun

TUCSON - Mark Kelly, the husband of former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is back in the spotlight after posting video of himself purchasing a gun at a Tucson gun store.

The video, which was shot on March 5, shows Kelly filling out a background check form at Diamondback Police Supply on Kolb Road. On that day Kelly purchased a .45 Sig Sauer pistol. The video can be found on the Americans for Responsible Solutions website, an organization started by Giffords and her husband.

The owner Douglas MacKinlay said, "Mr. Kelly did not inform us, nor was he granted permission to video record his activities while inside my store."

The video shows Kelly telling Giffords, "I'm going to go to a gun store and buy a gun." Giffords says, "OK." And then Kelly tells her, " I want to demonstrate to everybody, that will be watching, how easy it is to get a universal background check." Giffords repeats the phrase "background check."

On the drive to the east side gun store Kelly describes the four firearms he currently owns, "got a 9mm Ruger, a hunting rifle, a shotgun, and a .25 semi automatic pistol."

The video claims the purchase took just more than five minutes to complete.

After the purchase, Kelly drives home and shows Giffords the gun, "here's a look at a .45 Sig Sauer. What do you think? You want to go out and shoot it sometime," he asks. Giffords replies, "yeah, good stuff." Kelly tells Giffords, "it was very easy to do and it took just five minutes." He then says, "that's what we go to do: is make sure everybody has to get a background check before buying a gun to make sure that criminals and the mentally ill don't get a gun." Giffords says, "universal background check." and Kelly says, "yes, very important" to which Giffords replies, "very important."


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