Jul 2, 2013 3:35 PM by Rebecca Taylor

VIDEO: Time lapse video of Monday's microburst

TUCSON - Monday's storm packed quite a punch on Tucson's West side.

At last check, 13,000 Tucson Electric Power customers are without service due to a microburst caught on camera by local photographer Mike Olbinski.

Rain and wind downed trees and power lines.

The storm showed just how unpredictable the monsoon can be.

"I didn't expect it tonight," said Don Ryder, a visitor from New Hampshire, "we need the power back on, it's hot."

"We were at work laughing because we were so happy, because it was raining," said Tucsonan Laura Arizmendi, "but it's pretty dangerous."

Wind downed utility lines and poles. At one point 20,000 Tucson Electric Power customers were without service.

"Right now it looks like we're going to have to replace 15 poles," said TEP spokesperson Joseph Barrios.

The storm also snapped trees, blocking roads during rush hour. Property was damaged too.

"But look at the tree how it just snapped," said Mary Louise Nagore who lost her 14-year-old mesquite tree.

"Trees should be planted 8 feet deep or 6 feet deep, no wonder it went, look at that," Nagore said, "Thank God it didn't hurt anybody, yes thank goodness it fell that direction versus on your house. That is the truth. It is terrible."

All and all people are making the best of it.

"It feels good, especially after I guess it was about 105 on the patio," said Ryder, "then the temperatures started going down it was wonderful."

"I think it smells beautiful, very refreshing, and just very beautiful," said Arizmendi.

TEP is asking anyone with sees downed lines or damaged equipment to report it.


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