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Jul 23, 2013 3:39 PM by Brian White

VIDEO: Whale almost eats diver

Two humpback whales almost had a California diver for lunch over the weekend.

And even more extraordinary...the whole thing was caught on camera.

these divers were along the central coast of california when the whales got a little too close for comfort.

The diver shooting the video was trying to get pictures of whales off in the distance, but these two humpbacks surfaced within feet of his buddies.

He says they were so close they could have reached out and touched the massive mammals.

Diver Shawn Stamback explains what they were doing.

"The reason we got in the water was to see if we could hear the whales singing.... And we didn't hear any of the whales singing like we thought, we heard some sea lions... You know before we know it here's all these bait fish just coming straight up in your face and two humpback whales were right behind them chasing them all the way to the surface," Stambeck said.

"As soon as the whales broke the surface, i uh, the first thing that came to my mind was i was under the, where the whale's tail was going to come up, so i figured i'm going to get hit by the tail, so i tried to get out from underneath where the tail, above where the tail and i worked my way up to the boat, got up on the back of it as soon as i could, the other guys said they've never seen me swim that fast before and i can see why now that i've watched the video."


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