Apr 13, 2013 2:02 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Vigil held in support of gun control

TUCSON - About 100 people attended a vigil asking for stricter gun laws Friday.

The event was held at Christina-Taylor Green Park on the Northwest Side. It was named after the youngest victim in Tucson's mass shooting.

Mavy Stoddard's husband, Dorwan, died on January 8, 2011. He shielded her from the bullets.

"His job was finished," Stoddard said. "He had taken care of me, and he was smiling when he died. And I'm thankful to God that I got to hold him when he died."

She has been lobbying for background checks on all gun sales.

"If we can touch one life," she said, "if we can save one life, if we can teach one child, 'do not pick up that gun when you get angry,' it's well worth it."

Several January 8 survivors attended along with many others who lost people they loved to a person with a gun.

Some speakers included the Pima County Attorney, a Tucson Police Captain and several survivors.

Many gun rights activists are concerned gun new gun laws will contradict the Second Amendment. Tommy Rompel owns Black Weapons Armory on the east side.

"People keep focusing on the firearm as the cause of fault," he said, "when it has nothing to do with the firearm. Like I keep saying over and over again, it has to do with the individual committing the crime or the act of violence itself."

Rompel is not happy Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake voted to move forward with the debate in Congress.

"It does nothing to actually help people," Rompel said. "I think it's nothing but for political gain. It actually helps no one, so I'm disappointed in their actions."


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