Nov 30, 2012 8:19 PM by Erika Flores

Warmth keeping people from "feeling" the holidays

TUCSON- Warm temperatures are keeping some people from starting their holiday routine.

It's that time of year, but some people said they're not feeling it with temperatures still in the 70s and as high as the 80s.

Adam Bukani is still sporting the shades to block the Arizona sun. He pairs them with his short sleeves and shorts.

"It's just been nonstop 80 degree weather," said Bukani. "We don't really have a winter wonderland here but we can imagine it."

Warm temperatures are expected to continue into December.

"My sweaters are underneath my bed right now. I don't know if I'll be able to take them out at all this year," said Bukani.

Killing the holiday spirit for some, "Nobody is in the mood to shop for a Christmas tree when it's 85 degrees outside," said Steve Smith from Valley View Christmas Trees.

April Armstrong was the only customer at Valley View Christmas Trees during the lunch hour.

"I like how full they are," she said.

She's from Michigan.

"It's hard to think without snow and the cold and bundling up that it's actually Christmas time for us, so we decorate, put out lights on our house and the kids have little trees in each of their rooms," said Armstrong.

Those Christmas trees are what keep her spirits up during the holiday season.

"It reminds me of the outdoors back at home and just Christmas," said Armstrong. "It is a beautiful tree. It's nice and green and brings some green to the desert."

It's a tree that may look out of place in the midst of this heat but definitely brings the Christmas joy.


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