Aug 26, 2014 1:06 AM by Sean Mooney

Washed out roads re-route buses in Picture Rocks

PICTURE ROCKS - Every Monsoon some families in Picture Rocks have a tough time, "literally," getting their kids on the road to education.

Heavy rains chew up Alexon and Mars Roads in Picture Rocks every summer storm, making it tougher and tougher for Marana Unified School District buses to reach the kids who live in the area.

A recent inspection by officials from MUSD determined the roads were becoming too dangerous, saying in a statement sent to News 4, "In relation to the private non-maintained road of West Mars Road, road closures and extreme safety conditions resulted in the District transportation department re-routing school buses."

While the families of the 68, K-12, students effected by the rerouting, appreciated the district keeping the stops the same, one parent, Jessica Bowman, said pick up times have not been consistent, "At first they changed the route around and didn't tell us and then gave us a notification it was going to be 15 minutes earlier", said Bowman, "but it's been running 25 minutes later so we're not really sure when to go out and get our kids off the bus."

The district admits estimating pickup and drop-off times has been a challenge but the only other choice was to have parents bring their children to paved county roads. Mars and Alexon are private roads. That means it's up to the people who live here to maintain them. Silvya Lawler, has lived in the area for thirty years and said it's time for the her neighbors to take action, "We just all have to get together, all of us, now, this is the worst it gets."


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