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Sep 19, 2013 9:12 PM by Erika Flores

Water consumption decline could mean rate increase for one company

TUCSON - A local water company proposes a rate increase because of a decrease in water consumption that is affecting their bottom line.

Mark Stratton, general manager of Metro Water District said since 2007, there's been a continued decline in water consumption.

Stratton said drought, economy concerns and other utility increases contributed to the decline.

The company said the decline is hurting the company's bottom line.

"Not all of our costs are going down either. We are seeing higher power costs. TEP recently just had a rate increase that has a significant impact on our operations since power is a primary source of our expenditures. The CAP water there's a big increase in that as well mainly in power costs," said Stratton.

Metro Water District is proposing a four percent revenue increase.

"Those that use less water would probably see as a percentage slightly higher than a 4 percent. Those using a substantial amount would probably see less than a 4 percent," said Stratton.

Right now the water availability rate is at 20 dollars.

Stratton said the increase would put it around 22 dollars.

"I can't believe that they have the audacity to continue to ask for rate increases when our use has gone down and down and down," said John Foote, concerned customer.

Customers are invited to a public hearing on the adjustments.

That's Oct. 28 at 6pm at Metro Water District, 6265 N. La Canada Drive, Board Conference Room.


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