May 12, 2013 6:27 PM by Sean Mooney

We now know...Where in the World is Waldo...the dog

Tucson- A happy ending to a story News 4 literally began tracking on Thursday, the tale of Waldo the dog. After a massive dog hunt, Sahuarita's elusive pup is finally in safe hands.

It began weeks ago when Waldo, as he was nicknamed for his roaming nature, became the focus of a community wide search, after several people reported seeing the dog on the loose throughout Sahuarita. Others said they had seen him hit by cars on three separate occasions.

Kim Silver and other volunteers were soon on the case launching a dogged search to find Waldo. The dog was actually tracked down several times but managed to elude capture every time. On Saturday, on her way home from work, Silver decided go to the place Waldo was last spotted. By chance the dog was there and Silver quickly notified other volunteers and put the group's latest plan into action.

Because Waldo had escaped so many times before, rescuers decided to try and tranquilize the dog. To accomplish that, they called on Animal Experts who supplied a marksman with a dart gun. The dart hit it's target and although the dog ran off it wasn't long before volunteers caught up to a woozy Waldo. The animal was soon crated and headed to the Humane Society in Tucson.

According to Silver, Waldo wasn't about to give up his freedom so easily and when they opened the crate the dog slipped away again, now loose on the streets of Tucson, "The wonderful people at the Humane Society came out, we were all chasing him but they came out with more people and a pole", she said, "we already had the crate and we were able to back him in and he is now in the custody of the Humane Society and we couldn't be happier."

Waldo will be examined to assess any injuries he may have suffered during his life on the run. He will also be neutered and brought up to date on all his vaccinations. A volunteer has already stepped forward to serve as Waldo's foster parent. The dog will remain in foster care until he is well enough to be put up for adoption.


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