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Nov 20, 2012 8:06 PM by Leasa Conze

What was behind all those provisional ballots?

Tucson - We're learning more about the tens of thousands of provisional ballots that were cast on Election night, two weeks ago.

It took thirteen day after the general election for the County to finally say it was done with counting.

The Recorder's Office received 27,653 provisional and conditional ballots after the polls closed on November 6.

Here is the breakdown:

43 ballots were blank or voided forms that could not be processed.

More than 85% of the rest, 23,526 ballots, were valid and approved for tabulation.

The Recorder's Office wanted to find out why those 23,526 voters needed to use a provisional ballot.

15,110 had requested and been sent early ballots. Most of those people chose not to return the early ballot and instead went to the polls on Election Day. 98 of those voters sent in their early ballot and then also tried to vote in person at the polls. All those ballots were thrown out and the County Recorder's Office has requested an investigation into those voters' conduct.

Also, 4,845 voters who showed up at the polls had moved without updating their voter registration address. So, when they showed up to vote at the polling place for their new address, their names were not on the poll rosters.

Another 2,212 people went to the wrong polling place. Their names were on the poll rosters at their correct polling place. Under state law, each of their ballots had to be disqualified.

In addition, 1,559 people tried to vote when they were not eligible to do so. Of that group, 856 had never registered to vote in Pima County; 428 had previously registered to vote here but their voter registration was cancelled; the remaining 275 people did register to vote but not until after the cutoff date of October 9, so they weren't eligible to vote on November 6.


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