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Jan 17, 2014 1:14 PM by Matthew Schwartz

Who is sabotaging Tucson's trail heads and bike paths?

TUCSON - Who is sabatoging Tucson's trailheads and bikepaths?

The recent discovery of bike-tube piercing nails along the Finger Trail Wash trail has the biking community looking for answers.

The nails were first discovered by a hiker in the area Jan. 9, as reported by The nails appear to be an escalation of the tacks that were found scattered along Catalina Highway last May.

Damion Alexander, a passionate bicyclist who contacted the News 4 Tucson Investigators when a friend found the nails, told us, "It's frustrating that a human would resort to this."

The nails were found on the Urban Assault Trail, near Alvernon and River.

Alexander said, "This is very malicious, this shows an intent to really hurt somebody."

Tacks have been causing flats for months on local bike paths, mostly in a three to four mile stretch from Tanque Verde to the base of Mount Lemmon.

Tacks were also found last year at Gates Pass. But this is apparently the first time nails have been found.

Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Courtney Rodriguez says, "We need more solid information when it comes to these events."

Rodriguez said whoever sees nails or tacks needs to call the Sheriff's Department. "We need to know who was out there when they saw the nails. If they saw any suspiscious vehicles surrounding the area, maybe somebody off to the side of the road where it doesn't look like he belongs, he's not riding a bike, he's not hiking, what is he doing?," Rodriguez said.

Damion Alexander has collected about $3,200 in donations for a reward leading to the arrest of the person or persons doing this.

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