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Apr 14, 2014 1:18 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Wildfire burning in Huachuca Mountains

SIERRA VISTA - A wildfire in the Huachuca Mountains is enough to concern people less than 3 years after the Monument Fire.

The Brown Fire is burning in upper Garden Canyon. Canyon access, which is on Fort Huachuca, is closed to make room for fire crews. It is not threatening homes. The fire has not reached the military installation.

Larry Luther has lived in the area since 1979. He said he was evacuated 22 days during the Monument Fire.

"People get scared now. It was down here so big before," Luther said. "I hope everybody figures out that this grass out here is almost like gasoline, and it could light up at any time."

Brooke Gebow is the Southeastern Arizona Preserves Manager for The Nature Conservancy. She works at the Ramsey Canyon Preserve near the fire. She said she was not completely surprised to see smoke.

"It's apparently still moving a bit," Gebow said. "But yes, we're concerned, but we're not panicked."

Workers at the preserve have been cutting branches and brush to prepare for future fires.

"People remember for a few years," Gebow said. "But I'm finding, at least with the neighbors here, they are very on top of it."


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