Oct 10, 2013 12:32 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Windy weather leaves Tucsonans with mixed feelings

TUCSON - As the wind picked up Wednesday afternoon Tucsonans took notice. Some people we talked to really enjoyed it, breaking out the hats and up do's. Others avoided going outside all together.

Hector Bustamante says, "It feels good because it's cool."

Don Welliever says, "It was great except for I worked outside all day, and I got blown out, my materials were flying all over the place."

As some took cover, others made a fashion statement whipping their hair up in braids and buns.

Hannah Klein says, "It's everywhere, I have big hair too so if I did have it down, it would be all in my mouth and everywhere."

We noticed your hat, is this your everyday style or just today, asks News 4 Tucson's Rebecca Taylor to Welliever's young son.

Isaiah Welliever responds, "Just for today."

Some drivers couldn't avoid the wind or dust. Interstate Ten was temporarily blocked near Casa Grande after several crashes. There are no reports of serious injuries.

As the cold front blows through, many hope it leaves the cooler weather behind.

Klein says, "It's amazing, it's finally happening. It's taken so long I feel like."

Welliever says, "We wait for Halloween every year because that's the breaking point around here."

That seems to be a rule quite a few Tucsonans go by. Although in 2012, Halloween was unseasonably warm. It was 89 degrees at Tucson International Airport, ten degrees warmer than usual.


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