Apr 22, 2014 3:23 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Woman complains pharmacy is shorting her pills

TUCSON - A Tucson woman with type two diabetes is feuding with her pharmacy.

The 68-year-old is concerned her doctor's orders are not being filled. She also says her monthly supply of medication is being shorted.

Joanne Powell says for two months now she's been given a third of the pills her doctor prescribed. After News 4 Tucson got involved the pharmacy is looking into it.

Retired and on a fixed income Powell watches her pennies, and her pills to keep her blood sugar in check.

"Okay this is Glyburide, this little oblong blue tablet. One of them is broken in half, that's my normal dosage right there," explains Powell.

Last month, and again recently she says Fry's Pharmacy at Grant and Alvernon dispensed 30 tablets instead of 90, as prescribed by her doctor. "And it didn't occur to me until I ran short," says Powell.

Her complaints she says, were brushed off.

A company spokesperson with Fry's Food Stores passed along Powell's concerns to the Director of Pharmacy. Within an hour, Powell received a phone call.

"I'm supposed to take 1.5 tablets twice a daily. It's written on the bottle," Powell explains over the phone, "and then it says I have three refills left of 90 tablets, now you figure that one out."

Their conversation lasts about 10 minutes with Powell ending their communication, "quite frankly I'm getting upset, and I don't care to talk to you anymore, thank you."

After hanging up the phone, Powell explains what was discussed. "She's basically saying, well I see you're receiving 30 for $4. Well yes that's what they gave me last month. But the month before, I got 90 for $4."

Powell says whatever the cost $4 or $12 for 90 tablets, she wants her prescribed monthly supply.

By sharing her story Powell hopes people, especially senior citizens will double check their labels and make sure it's what the doctor ordered.

News 4 Tucson asks, "What do you ultimately want done, can Fry's correct this in any way?"

"I'd like to have the rest of my medication for this month, and if I have to pay for it, I will because I want it," Powell says.

Due to customer privacy Fry's can't comment to News 4 Tucson on specifics. But they are researching Powell's complaint.


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