Jan 4, 2013 12:36 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Woman deported after trying to claim casino jackpot

TUCSON - A woman was deported after trying to claim a jackpot at Casino Del Sol.

Nobody from the casino called federal authorities, according to the CEO, Wendell Long.

Zamira Osorio is the daughter of the deported woman.

"My family and I feel devastated about it," Osorio said. "We've been through a lot."

By federal law, winners have to show ID for any jackpot more than $1,200. That is the rule anywhere, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Pascua Yaqui reservation.

A casino worker thought the woman's identification was suspicious. They contacted Pascua police for verification, according to Long.

Osorio said after waiting a long time, she was detained with her mother. She was released because of the so-called DREAM Act.

Long did not know how the federal government got involved.

The reservation is not legally part of Arizona. The casino gets a lot of business from Hispanic customers on both sides of the border. Long said the casino would not want to alienate a major part of its customer base.

"The Sonoran customer is very important to us," Long said. "It's a large part of our business, and we do a lot of things to promote that."

Osorio wanted to share her story to warn other people.

"This can happen to anybody who goes and plays at the casino," Osorio said.


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