Dec 27, 2012 7:00 PM by Danielle Lerner

Would you pay $8 a gallon for milk?

TUCSON- The fiscal cliff is not the only thing that could affect Tucsonans' bottom lines in the new year. Milk prices could hit up to $8 per gallon if Congress does not pass a new federal farm bill by January 1.

Milk is a mealtime staple for many families and Giavonni Moffe's family is no exception.

"We buy milk for cereal, we buy milk for pasta, you know macaroni and cheese, but we mostly buy milk for me, I drink it like at a gallon," Moffe said.

So would they pay nearly double for the popular product?

"I don't know it depends on the price and how much money I have in my pocket," said Moffe.

Others, like Sarah Katvala, say no way.

"I just graduated from college and just got my first real job so I'm frugal," said Katvala. "I'd rather not spend a ton of money on something when I can just get it cheaper or just get something else."

If Congress doesn't take action things will basically revert back to milk production costs in 1949. The government will be forced to buy back milk at highly-inflated prices to try and stabilize the market. That could create a shortage, leaving customers to shell out nearly double for their milk products.

"It's extremely frustrating," Katvala said.

The price hike isn't a sure thing yet, but the dairy dilemma comes as lawmakers struggle to find common ground to avoid the fiscal cliff. Something that only adds to consumer frustration.

"It just seems like we're just always never doing what we need to be doing," said Katvala. "Everyone's always fighting instead of being bipartisan and trying to work together."


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