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Sep 13, 2013 10:18 AM by Ryan Haarer

Xerocraft promotes "do it yourself" in new downtown location

TUCSON- The Steinfeld Warehouse near downtown was built in 1907. Since then it's been through some changes and now is bringing artists and makers together to teach the community in a new hackerspace called Xerocraft.

"There was a time in my parents' lifetime where you didn't just go buy stuff from Walmart because it broke. You had stuff that lasted a lifetime and when it broke you fixed it. And you knew how the internals, you knew how those parts worked," said Conner Barickman, president of Xerocraft.

It's the do it yourself mentality that creates spaces like the non-profit Xerocraft.

"We are a hacker space. So this is a place that provides tools and equipment and machines for people to use or learn how to use if they don't know how to already."

There are several different rooms in the old warehouse each serving a different purpose. Xerocraft has tools for anything hands on from metal work, woodwork, electronics, 3-d printing, computer science and more. The idea is to learn how to repair, create and design on your own and once you've learned, pass on the knowledge.

"There is this unspoken contract that if you learn something from someone here you are obligated to pass it on. Once you are an expert at something you should be teaching a class here.

Xerocraft is trying to get rid of a stigma in the hacker space community. They are trying to get more women to jump in on the action. They even have a special workshop for women who are interested.

For more information visit their website


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