Feb 13, 2013 12:30 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Yard Sales may soon be limited, Tucson considers ordinance

TUCSON - Ever see a perpetual yard sale? The kind that's sprawled out day after day, maybe even week after week.

The City of Tucson wants to put an end to these eyesores by passing an ordinance.

On Tuesday night, after hearing from community members the council decided to hold off on voting.

They want to tighten up the language in the proposal.

Everyone loves a bargain, but one man's treasure is another man's litter box.

One by one Tucson residents took to the podium to address the council.

"If I blast my stereo at two in the morning, I take away your right to a quite undisturbed sleep. If I utilize my residential home as a place to conduct weekly sales of items, I take away your right to enjoy the residential quality of your neighborhood," one told the council.

Residents want the definition of a 'yard sale' clarified, and in writing.

"Can these last for three days, can these last for three months," asks another resident. "How is that different from running a home business, where you put your stuff out on the street and try to sell it out there?"

A third resident said, "Certainly, it's an ongoing problem especially in our particular neighborhood."

Their desire for more language was granted.

Councilmember Regina Romero says, "I think there's a couple issues of concern to me right now."

Mayor and council will go back to the drawing board allowing time for your emails to be submitted to the council member in your ward.

They want to add the emails to the public record before the final vote.

So far, no date has been set.

The Mayor also requested a feedback form be added to the City's website, so be on the lookout for that in the coming days.


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