Apr 25, 2013 7:53 PM by Lorraine Rivera

'You deserve rape' sign draws criticism

TUCSON - The University of Arizona campus is abuzz over statements made by a student who also claims to be a preacher.

On Tuesday, Dean Saxton, a religious studies junior held up a sign that read, "you deserve rape."

Saxton said, "the kind of sign that I wanted to push was you deserve rape. You know, if you dress really scantily, go to a party. A YouTube video shows Saxton holding the sign and telling a woman, "what i'm saying is that some girls are asking for it and then partially responsible for the rape."

Saxton continued his efforts again on Thursday telling News 4 Tucson, "by the way that people dress and how they act you can be you know in a lot of situations asking for it.

Gregor Orbino, a UA junior held up a sign to counter demonstrate Saxton, the sign read, "nobody deserves rape." He said he's watched Saxton make controversial statements for the past year, "Dean has gotten progressively worse with his vitriol."

The statements were made in front of the UA administration building, an area known as the hill, where people often demonstrate.

On Thursday, the UA tweeted about the matter, "The University of Arizona does not endorse or condone the message of the campus speaker--in fact, it considers it to be vile and repugnant. However, because universities in particular are bastions for free speech, even when it is offensive, the University of Arizona will uphold the right of this speaker and all others to engage in constitutionally protected speech on its campus. Should the university receive complaints or otherwise become aware of allegations of misconduct that fall outside the realm of constitutionally protected speech, it will investigate and deal with them as appropriate."


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