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Nov 1, 2011 8:34 PM

Young author is 'Paying it Forward'

VAIL -- Kristi's Kids is digging deeper than ever looking for amazing, altruistic children right here in Southern Arizona. We are looking for local boys and girls doing something to "Pay it Forward."

We recently found an 11 year-old boy who wrote a funny little book to help animals.

Levi Fallovollita loves his Chihuahuas, Marta and Marissa.

Animals have always been in Levi's life.

"One day my mom was taking too long to get ready to go somewhere," Levi explains. "So I told my dad, 'When I grow up, I wanted to marry my dog.'"

His dad suggested he write a book so Levi started logging ideas.

He wasn't sure he'd go through with it worried his friends would think he really wanted to marry his dog. Then he saw a commercial about animal shelters.

"I'd write the book if they let me donate the money to animal shelters."

Why a Boy Should Marry his Dog was born.

Paperback copy is $8 and hard covers are $16. The cash raised will buy critical supplies.

"I know they need food, the toys and like cages and leashes any other materials they need to help the animals stay where they are."

This mission didn't surprise Levi's mom.

"He was probably 3 and half years, 4 years-old rescuing earthworms from going down the storm drain," says Chantel Fallovollita.

"I thought it was really sweet. I mean he's always loved animals and it was just really spoke of his character."

Levi reads from his book, "The best thing about my dog is she's quick to forget why she bit me and we are back to playing."

A perfect mentality to learn from our pets.

"That helps us understand and we need to be quick to forgive and get back to our normal life," says Greg Fallovollita, Levi's dad.

Levi's already collected supplies for the green valley animal league and says 2-more books are in the works.

If you want to buy a copy of Why a Boy Should Marry his Dog visit the website here


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