Paying it Forward

Apr 10, 2013 1:00 AM

Young author is Paying it Forward

TUCSON - Our military men and women make huge sacrifices to ensure our freedom and safety. And so do their families with the frequent moving and stress when mom or dad is deployed.

Grace Anne Remey's dad is in the Air Force. He has deployed seven times since she was born.

Confusing for the kids, but Grace Anne has found ways to cope. She's launched her own Operation Pay-it-Forward.

Kristi's Kids caught up with Grace Anne at the Exchange on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where she was signing and selling copies of two books she wrote.

Grace Anne turned three the day her dad came home from his fifth deployment. It was an emotional reunion that inspired Grace Anne to help other kids just like her.

Lisa Remey, Grace Anne's mom, remembers the day, "And she said, 'Hey! I'll write this story. So they can know what it's like to be a military kid dealing with deployments.'"

And write she did. She was eight when she completed Lion's Pride: A Tail of Deployment. In this book she writes about her family's traditions which help them deal with stress and confusion.

"We get to eat one tiny chocolate mousse each afternoon. We do this to help keep track of how many days until my dad comes back. I always think it's going to be a long time until he comes back home. But I realize it really is not. It's also a tasty treat."

Lion's Pride on the Move is Grace Anne's new book with tips for military kids who are often loading their lives into boxes.

"You put stickers on your boxes so when you unpack the boxes you can see which boxes are yours."

Word about the books is spreading in the military community. Katie Sandusky bought them. Her husband is deployed and they have a 6-year-old.

"I'm hoping that my son will get, realize the feelings are normal and get some ideas on how to handle them," says.

Sean Deal's dad is deploying, again, in May. His family bought the books because they're written by a kid, for kids.

"It's completely relatable. It's not just from an outside perspective. Grace is actually going through it herself," says Sarah Deal, Sean's mom.

The books reach adults too.

"A gentleman remembers his dad deploying to Vietnam. And when he got a hold of the book, it touched his heart and made him cry," says Grace Anne's mom.

So far, so good for Grace Anne's Operation Pay it Forward. Again, what makes these books so unique is that they were written by a kid, for kids. She even did the illustrations.

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